Sunday, October 10, 2010

Propaganda Posters for the Hack

Meet the Team, suckers.

Davis Inzen, Skye Delphi, Trav Nicolaides, and Yejix Zabiru.

Davis is the one who got in this mess first. A hopeless stoner, and Freestyle rapping badass, He goes through hell to get to Maple, where Skye lives.

Skye is a prodigious clairvoyant in a family of Seers, who was kidnapped by the Yakuza for ransom cash.
Davis busts her out of the jail and lays the smackdown on the assholes in Yakuza Village, and gets himself a lady out of the ordeal.

Trav is a badass geek who takes no shit, takes no names, and might take your bitch. He's the nephew of a famous inventor, and will go Spartan on your ass with his bullet hell inducing gadgetry.

Yejix is a perverted elf that got sent to their world through some botched summoning, and is staying in Cloud Village, learning the ways of humans. He also knows Kung Fu.


Yes that is a donate button you see up there.

Donate $5 and get a spot as an NPC in the hack WITH Custom sprite!
Donate $10 and get a spot as a Miniboss!
Donate $15 and when the hack comes out, the first set of gear you get will be completely custom [max 16 chars], with rounded stats at 30 each value.
Donate $20 and you're a Sanctuary Guardian! [8 SPOTS ONLY]

If you don't want to be in the hack but still wanna donate, that's still awesome of you, and you'll still get a shout-out ingame for your charity.

Y'see. by the time i get paid by Social Security [I'm crippled], I already have about 90% of that coming out for utilities and rent, and hardly have anything to live on for the month. And if I do have anything, my old man steals it from me. I can't move out, nowhere else to go. I'm fucked. If you wanna help this starving artist, by all means, god bless you.