Saturday, October 2, 2010

Progress is crap.

::Facedesking a lot::

Oh god. I'm gonna go insane. Hex Editing is a nightmare. Jhack keeps crashing. Map Editor is borked. I have writer's block.

Don't know what the hell I'm going to do now, So I'm asking you guys, the few who follow this failure of a blog, for ideas.

Here is your plot:
>Meteor shower has caused a meteor to crash into the hill near your house.
>Suddenly become Psionic from said meteor, probably from radiation.
>A robotic not-bee tells you that you're in some prophecy about destroying some evil daemonic force, and you have to find 3 others.
>You are 23.
>You are in College.
>You have a decent life as your father does restricted sciencey stuff for the government, your family owns a shop in town.
>Expected to abandon this to save the world.
>To do this, you must beat the shit out of gangbangers, psychotic civilians, rabid animals, aliens, nonsensical monsters, demons, ghosts, zombies, your own mind, and somehow come on top of all of it.
>Your first friend you meet winds up being a hot psionic chick. then 2 other dudes join you.
>Mass sexual tension
>Mass profanity

Seriously. i need some new ideas. help me out guys.
Might have to resort to a DnD book. :[.
Dungeons and Dragons Core Rulebook Gift Set, 4th Edition


  1. I always wanted to create games based on ones I loved but I was always afraid they would be too close to the original.

  2. The trick to RomHacking, Mike, is that you let your ideas run wild..at least within the limits of the game engine. Who cares if it's too close to the original, or if it's the original with a bunch of tweaks? You don't always have to publish what you do, man! You can just keep it as your own toy for christ's sake.

  3. Just let anything you think of roll out onto the keyboard. Anything is great even if it is close to the original.

  4. oh *joy* my keyboard decided to play "lol fuck you, no shift keys bitch!"

    stuck using a piece of shit clacky-key type. need a new one. damn mac-styled keyboards.

  5. This sucks to hear my friend.. Sometimes its best to take a step back, and come at it again at a later time. Clear your head.