Friday, October 8, 2010

looking for good bitmap fonts

Sup guys. Any of you froods know where I can find some quality bitmap fonts? all my usual spots to find stuff are gettin' old, and I really need somethin new.


I'm starting to get annoyed with people just replying to my posts with "nice post." No. Either contribute to the topic at hand or don't post at all. This isn't some forum you can spam crap at. If you're gonna post back at me, put some freakin' content into it.. You're wasting both your time and my time.

As for an update?

D.I.R.H. Blog

This is what happens when you try to make a Text Pointer Table entry linked to a Giftbox delete itself from the screen.

ADD: Download Pac-Man - Eat Davis's Head Edition! This is an NES rom, which means you need an emulator like Nestopia or FCEU to play it.

Nothing much but a graphics hack that turns all the bonus items into Davis's Head.

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