Thursday, September 30, 2010

It all went to HELL.

So, I spend about 2 weeks coming up with dialogue and events for Onett, the first town.

I finally compiled today, and plugged it in, went to the first cop you could pick a fight with, and i shit you not, the second the battle swirl finished, i got a screen that looked like Satan himself dropped trou and shat on my emulator. The damage was so bad, it forced ZSNES to shut itself off.

I have been forced to restart everything, and thankfully I found out what was wrong and I can continue work with little interruption. I hate flag pointers. I especially hate the kind that corrupt ROM data.

Stress Balls - 6 balls, assorted colors
I'm so god damn angry..
Yeah. I think I need one of these. ====================================>

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  1. God that sounds like it SUCKS! I hope it goes better as time goes on... Keep at it man!